Development of Brain Controlled Wheelchair Supported by Raspicam Image Processing based Raspberry Pi


Helping a disable subject for improving their quality of life and providing them a priorit care at the right time is one of the most important things for us a responsible member of researcher. Hence there is a need for developing a wheelchair that is intelligent, provides easy maneuverability, and safety to drive. A brain intelligent wheelchair, which uses the recorded signals from the brain and processes it to control the wheelchair has been designed. However, it has not yet been widely adopted, and any commercial device would need proper safety trials and approval before release. In this paper, a smart wheelchair based bio-signal & non bio-signal approach which translated into movement commands by the arduino microcontroller is proposed. Four ultrasonics sensor, a raspicam for obstacle detection, and Inertial Measurement Unit for speed controller on sloping road are integrated with the wheelchair based biosignals called brain-controlled wheelchair. The performance improvement of the of the obstacle avoidance are examinated. The evaluation of the wheelchair movement is performed under real conditions using direction and speed control commands of the wheelchair. It is obtained that the misclassification is reduced and the accuracy is increased.

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