Effect of Sundanesse Music on Daytime Sleep Quality based on EEG Signal


In theory, Daytime sleep is decreasing stress and increasing mood, focus, cognitive function. In this research, we would like to know the impact of Sundanese music on sleep quality based EEG signals daytime in which we will compare to before and after giving treatment. The extraction features used wavelet Daubechies D8 level 7 and Fast Fourier Transform next separation it to alpha and theta waves. Experimental results from 10 subjects showed that using to treatment in brain activity become calm and relax. In addition, Based on EEG channel T3 and T4 showed frequency highly in giving treatment in which they are especially for auditory. Furthermore, The Paired T-Test Statistically has a value of significant P<0.05 for some minutes, therefore, using Sundanese music has an effect on daytime sleep quality.

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