Extraction of mental task in recorded EEG signal using ICA-JADE algorithm


An instrument that has special function to record electrical brain activity in scalp is electroencephalograph (EEG). Recently has various function, one of them is brain computer interface (BCI). BCI application can make human brain interaction with environment without other parts of body. Mental task is the important part in BCI system. Mental task which generate from brain, especially happen in central lobe. In fact, mental task disturbed by other signal which generate from other parts of brain. It is make problem to extract the real mental task from brain. In this research algorithm ICA-JADEis used to extract mental task activity in EEG signal recorded. The experiment was collected in 6 subject people. Stimulus for each subjectto move right hand for generate mental task have been design. Result of this research show ICA-JADE method can extract mental task from EEG signal recorded and the quantity perform of ICA-JADE is compared with the pure mental task signal.

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Technology, Informatics, Management, Engineering, and Environment (TIME-E), 2014 2nd International Conference on

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