Fitness for Service Assessment of High Pressure Heater Tube at Coal Fired Power Plant


The structural integrity of heat exchanger tube at high pressure heater of coal-fired power plant has been evaluated using fitness for service (FFS) assessment level 2 and 3. The purpose of this study isto determine the root cause of failure and the remaining life of components thereforethe possibility of failure due to improper design and operation can be known and it become a reference fordesigning a new design tubein a retubing process. Based on the evaluation results using level 2 assessment, the failureon the heat exchanger tubesisnotcaused bythe material creep becausethe total damage due to creep has been successfully met the requirements with the operating life3.873×109hours. However, base on the results of level 3 assessment using finite element, the minimum safety factor against yielding is below 1.0 and itdoesn’t meet the plastic collapse criterion, therefore the possibility of leakage failure on the tube is caused by the improper design which the construction of the tube is not able to withstand the operating load.

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