Impulsivity Test to Drugs among Addiction, Rehabilitation, and Control using ERP-P300


The drug is the threat for human in the worlds so as should prevent, based on the study to detection drugs is very kinds such as urine test, hair, and blood but already available other technologies that use impulsivity. Impulsive behavior has the relationship to addiction caused by lack of reflection and/or insensitivity to consequences. Addiction-related to brain-damaged so as analysis using event-related potential (ERP) to be methods detection to drugs with using visual stimuli. The impulsivity test using methods of Barratt questioner impulsivity scale and ERP using EEG-P300, after that be compared among them. The results of experimental shows have correlation between P300 amplitude to impulsivity as for low impulsivity has accuracy 70 persen, middle 57 persen, and high 62 persen and based on frontal lobe for high impulsivity has high amplitude than others.

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