Increasing Efficiency of a 33 MW OTEC in Indonesia using Flat-Plate Solar Collector for The Sea Water Heater


This paper presents a design concept of ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) plant built in Mamuju, West Sulawesi, with 33 MWe and 7.1 persen of the power capacity and efficiency, respectively. The generated electrical power and the efficiency of OTEC plant are enhanced by a simulation of a number of derived formulas. Enhancement of efficiency is performed by raising the temperature of the warm seawater toward the evaporator from 26˚C up to 33.5C using a flat-plate solar collector. The simulation results show that by increasing the seawater temperature up to 33.5C, the generated power will increase up to 144.155 MWe with the OTEC efficiency up to 9.54 persen. The required area of flat-plate solar collector to achieve the results is around 6.023 x 106 m2.

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