Modeling of a hydraulic engine mount for active pneumatic engine vibration control using the extended Kalman filter


The attenuation of engine vibration transmitted to a chassis has been a major focus in the automotive community for the increase of comfort for the driver and passengers. A hydro-mount system is designed to reduce the transmission of engine vibration to the chassis. It is also used for supporting the static load by an engine weight. In this paper, we present a modeling and parameter estimation of hydro-mount systems. Nonlinear model aspects are developed and used with experimental data to validate the model response characteristics. These parameters will be modeled as a variable vector and its value is estimated via linearized and extended Kalman filter. This approach can help engineers reduce design time by providing insight into the effects of various parameters within the hydro-mount. Based on the estimated parameters, the simulation result confirmed that the derived passive model describes the dynamic behavior of the hydro-mount system accurately.

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