Numerical Study of Two-Phase Flow in Micro-/Nanobubble Generating Pump


Gas-liquid mixing pump is one of the multiphase flow problem in industrial applications as a micro-/nanobubble generator. However, very few report that studied the two-phase flow for application of microbubble generation because of the analysis complexity. In this paper, a steady state numerical simulation of gas-liquid two-phase flow in the gas-liquid mixing pump was employed to predict a performance and characteristic of fluid flow. Based on simulation results, it is demonstrated that the pump can work in self suction, and generates a vortex flow pattern at every stage of the impeller as regenerative. Performance pump of the numerical simulation is slightly higher than the design specifications Because of mechanical and volume losses was neglected. However, the evaluation method and simulation results from this work can be used as a reference for the design and improvement of the gas-liquid mixing pump.

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