On the role of Gamma-to-size Value in Hydrodynamic Particle Size Characterization


Dynamic light scattering system had been developed for particle size characterization. Some particles that were suspended in fluid were exposed by a monochromatic light source and then deliver its friction to detector. In this paper, analytical model of spectroscopy system to determine the particle size was observed by using Gamma-to-size approximation. The light wave was determined in 625 nm and the suspensions had various viscosities. Then, the gamma value was calculated at -0.033604. The auto correlation function was also observed to identify the beam deflection. The result shows that the hydrodynamic size (Dh) of particle can be detected by this method when the suspensions viscosity is not too high (i.e. ethanol, methanol, ether, water, and kerosene). Then, the effect of gamma value of the light source is taking the important role to determine the particle size.

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