Peat Water Treatment based Wireless Data Acquisition System for Flexible Remote Monitoring


This paper presents design and application of automatic control system in the peat water treatment system with Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) method using a programmable logic-controller (PLC) unit. All electronic circuits and the necessary software have been designed and developed to perform the technical tasks. A PLC unit was employed to control and monitor the mechanical movement of the pump, electric control valve, and ozone generator. The PLC collects and stores data related to pH, level, conductivity, and flow. It is found that the automatic control on AOP and RO system capable of running properly in accordance with the diagram of the process so that the system operational becomes easier, safer and monitored. The automatic control system can be employed as a standalone device and can be connected to a personal computer through the RS232 serial port to monitor the whole process on a computer screen.

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