Portable and Online Water Quality Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Network


A water monitoring is required to maintain water quality for human and animal life. To verify and monitor the water quality in a large area such as lake, river, and aquaculture requires an online water monitoring (OWM) system. The OWM system usually consists of some quantitative measurements such as temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, etc. Most of the used OWM system use discontinue data sampling that the sampling rate is longer than one minute and one hour for local measurement and online measurement, respectively. There is no historical measurement record to trace the initial problem when the water quality getting worse. In this paper, the proposed OWM system uses continue data sampling with higher sampling rate on local main station system. This system is also integrated with WIFI. Therefore, the measurement by the local main station can be done in real-time. In this system, the old data measurement can be analyzed by using historical view feature. The experimental result verifies that the system can monitor water quality in real-time and historically both on the local and online system.

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